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When she got back she suddenly remembered she had not seen a Water Closet (commonly known in America as a bathroom). She immediately wrote back to the schoolmaster asking him if the apartment had a W.C. She remembered that she had not noticed a bathroom, or as she called it, "a water closet." She wrote to the schoolmaster and asked if there was a "W.C." in or near the apartment. The schoolmaster, not knowing the English expression, was puzzled by the term "W.C.," never dreaming that she was talking about a bathroom. A Brief History of The Flush Toilet. From Neolithic to modern times.

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It seems that a little old English lady was looking for some rooms in Switzerland. She asked the local village school master to help her. A place that suited her was finally found and the lady returned to London for her luggage. She remembered then that she had not noticed a bathroom, or as she called it, a "water closet". Water Closet . An English schoolteacher was looking for rooms in Switzerland. She called upon the local schoolmaster to help her find an apartment that would be suitable.

2011-02-10 · Jack Paar’s “Water Closet” Joke February 10, 2011 Posted by Mary W. Matthews in Humor.

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3 Apr 2017 The Sherlock Holmes stories published under the purported No story ever directly mentions either a bathtub or a water closet (toilet). Below you will find a remarkable pictorial history of the family's involvement in the invention and development of the flushing toilet system as we know it today.

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Meaning and examples for 'WC (water closet)' in Spanish-English dictionary. √ 100% FREE. √ Over 1,500,000 translations.

Documentary looking at the role of the toilet in our culture,  9 Apr 2020 The last thing you want is distracting plumbing fixtures to take away from stellar background design. “This story is the terrazzo, and the toilet is the  Toilet History. The flush toilet is one of the most important inventions. It is certainly an invention that many take for granted.
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Keeps Flies Away. The self-sealing toilet pan keeps flies and  17 Feb 2021 It's a much different story for number two. Put toilet paper in the trash during situations like this, not the toilet. This will make sure the toilet doesn't  19 Nov 2020 When was the first toilet invented?

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It is unclear who first invented the flush toilet. Although archaeological excavations in northwest India have revealed 4000-year-old drainage systems which might have been toilets, it is not clear whether this is genuinely the case. The term "water-closet" was an early term for a room with a toilet. Originally, the term "wash-down closet" was used. The "water-closet" was invented in England around 1870.